How about that smile!

Jack Flashback 2012: Pongo/Hercules

How about that smile!

Pongo was raised a country boy. He was unchipped, unaltered, unidentified and running wild. When we say wild, we mean wild: One of his favorite pastimes was chasing and killing chickens. That’s typical Rat Terrier behavior, of course, but it’s also the kind of behavior that would get him killed in his neighborhood. In fact, that was hit fate until one of our outstanding fosters and volunteers took him in and began teaching him the domestic way of life. No one was going to shoot this cutie.

He spent a few months in foster care with Susie, her puppies and sweet Penny (the black hound). We finally had room for him in March and he and Penny both bunked together for several months, socializing with other dogs, getting to know lots of people and preparing for their future.

This pint-sized dynamo had a ton of energy and had a blast in the field, playing ball with Tasha and our other young terriers at the time. Like all of our dogs, however, he needed a stable environment with someone who had as much energy as he did.

That someone, his daddy Diego, showed up in September. He had lost his beloved dog of many years and he was ready to give another terrier a chance at a metropolitan but active lifestyle. It was love at first sight.

We still receive wonderful letters from Dad, telling us how much he is thankful for this little man and attaching pics of Hercules (Pongo’s name now) sporting his latest fashion sense. Speaking of … here are some photos of him living his life in his Midtown home between park adventures.

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