Jack Flashback 2012: Peyton

Peyton waited for 5 long years for his forever family.

Peyton waited for 5 long years for his forever family.

Peyton had been at rescue for what felt like forever. He was part Beagle and bigger than the other Jacks, so many people overlooked him when they visited. Five years to spend without a family is a little much for any dog to bear, but this precious boy took it in as much stride as possible. He continued to play ball, dig holes and enjoy every moment he spent with Momma Donna and the volunteers.

And, of course, he was handsome beyond words and loved having his photo taken.

In May of this year, he finally found his forever home with the Childresses in Alabama They had adopted a JRT, Rusty, from us several years ago. Rusty had left them for the Rainbow Bridge, and they were looking for a friend for their little Penny, who was lonely without him. Peyton was the man.

During Peyton’s exit exam, the vet found some lumps under his fur and had them biopsied. They turned out to be cancerous and needed to be removed ASAP. All signs of cancer were quickly removed, and he healed quickly with a lot of TLC from his new family.

Today, he is living the life he missed all those years in the kennel. He is enjoy all the spoils of house life, including a little couch potato’ness. 😉

Here’s a couple photos taken last week.

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