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Jack Flashback 2012: November

Recovering from Vet Bills …

With so many emergencies and vet bills in October, we spent much of November focusing on fund-raising events. We had signed up for SocialVest earlier in the year, but really amped it up for holiday spending and SocialVest’s sign-up contest, which awarded cash prizes to the winners. Unfortunately, we didn’t win anything, but have continued to receive a small but steady stream of checks for the dogs since. If you haven’t signed up, please do. It costs nothing to help donate towards the dogs.

We also participated in our first Belk Charity Sale. Thank you to everyone who turned out for that.

While More Vet Bills Mounted

While we were trying to raise funds, we were racking up more vet bills. Slick went to hospital with signs of some type of infection. He stayed there for several days until his bronchial infection was wiped out.

He is still having good and bad days, but we think some of that is just him milking the cold months to stay in the house instead of the indoor kennel. 😉 He’s smart like that.

Little Help from/for Our Friends

Intown Healthy Hound in Grant Park stepped forward to help us with through our hard times. They created a wonderful Angel Tree with needs for the needs, as well as devoting their Beer Night on Dec. 13 to a fund-raising event for Toys for Tots and us. As it turned out, they, too, were hit hard financially a couple of days later when burglars stole more than $30,000 in food from their warehouse. The fundraiser became a much-needed one to recoup their own loses, but their customers/you gave generously to the dogs via the Angel Tree. We look forward to working with them in 2013 on more events.

Picking up all the goodies from Tabitha that you donated to Intown Healthy Hound for our Angel Tree

Picking up all the goodies from Tabitha that you donated to Intown Healthy Hound for our Angel Tree

Adoptions & Sanctuary … for Now

We had to make a difficult decision at the end of the month to cease regular rescue efforts. We were drowning in vet bills, the kennels were full, and we were already had several dogs waiting in foster and boarding to move in. Even with more volunteers on deck, it had become too much to handle for the winter months. We will re-asses our situation when both the weather and our budget improve.