Jack Flashback 2012: July

July was explosive. There is just no other way to say it. Our numbers exploded and one of our favorite firecrackers, Mars, finally got his forever home.

Mission for Mars

mars, jack russell terrier, parson russell terrier, smiling

Mars’ expression after we told him he was getting his forever home … we kid you not.

Mars came to us an absolute mess a few years ago … but a gorgeous one. Even with facial scars from skin allergies, he was a beyond-handsome Parson Russell whom no one could take their eyes off of … especially one of our volunteers, who fell head over heels for him but couldn’t take him home. 😉

In June, we received an email from a man named Gary Siverts about Mars that just up-ended our worlds. There was no doubt it: This was Mars’ forever family. The problem? They lived across the country in Missouri. Once again, we do not have any kind of transport system in place and had to rely on volunteers to make it happen.

It eventually became a very successful “Mission for Mars” and it one of our favorite memories of the year. We still receive timely updates and photos of Mars in his new home and you can bank on seeing a post dedicated just to him in the coming days.

More Festival Fun

Furever Fit in Johns Creek had their grand opening and invited us to attend. We had a great time meeting everyone and hanging out for the day. Best of all, three of our babies were adopted! Chip went home with the Moore family and Jocelyn, one of Susie’s puppies, went home with the Ramsey family.

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So. Many. Dogs.

The most explosive part of the month (year!)? The arrival of eight dogs within a week: Tessa, Maggie, Ginger, Ringo, Tasha, Sasha, Linus and Opal. We had never received such an intake at once (or even within a year!) and it was a little overwhelming for such a small rescue. We are just now recovering, but happy to report that almost everyone from that group has found their forever home.

Ringo moved to foster care and was adopted by the Lester family in October.

Sasha was scooped up in mere seconds and renamed Pippa, while her daughter, Tasha, patiently waited until October to find her doting parents.

Opal was snatched up by the Golder family in September and recently came back to visit us.

Linus took a trip up north, snapped at someone in fear … and then made a trip back down South. He is now loving life with his “forever foster” home.

Ginger and Maggie had a much harder time waiting … but we’ll read about those success stories in the coming months! 😉

Tessa is the only one left out of the bunch. Despite her silly ways, she is adorable and we  are very surprised she is still with us … but have no doubts we’ll be sharing her success story soon.