Jack Flashback 2012: Fancy

Fancy was dumped at Fulton County Animal Shelter after 7 years with her family. Why, we have no idea. Maybe it’s because they knew she was sick. All we did know is she “spoke” to one of our volunteers, who agreed to sponsor her to adoption, so we pulled her on her PTS day.

Her stay at the rescue was short; she ended up at the vet within days with a persistent cough, runny nose and fever. She was eventually relocated to another vet for another opinion. The conclusion? The rare but very real canine flu. It was a rough stretch and the unknown was frustrating, but that’s all behind her now.

She needed a place to heal, and we knew a senior who needed someone to heal. Jane stepped up to take care of her and did such a wonderful job in nursing her back to perfect health. Jane was moving and couldn’t keep her, so she went to spend some time in the mountains with her next fosters … only to land up as a foster in the home of her original sponsor. Somehow, someway, she easily managed to make herself a permanent addition.

She is now barking at squirrels, munching on homemade treats and napping under blankets with three other Jacks in our photographer’s house. Here’s some photos of her living the forever life.

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