J.R. arrived from Alabama back in April after two out-of-state rescues helped to network and transport him to Atlanta. He had been hit by a car, and his knees and hips were a bit out of whack. It looked like surgery was inevitable, but he had already started to heal and doc felt that he was going to heal just fine with medications and 10 weeks of rest.

We patiently waited—and, of course, spent a lot of time with him on our laps—to see how he healed and, sure enough, you wouldn’t know anything had ever happened from the way he and Buster (who was also healing) played. He also turned out to be an absolute doll with whom everyone fell in love … including the Haley family.

They lost their 16-year-old JRT, Jackie, in 2013 and decided that a house is not a home without another Jack. They saw J.R.’s picture online and had to meet him, so they put in an app and came out to meet him a couple of weeks ago at Dog City Bakery. That was that; they were definitely in love. We brought our sweet man out the next weekend for a home check — and we fell in love with them. J.R. did have some hesitation around strange men, but dad and sons worked with him to teach him trust and confidence.

And now …? He is officially adopted and living the good life on more laps than he can count!

Congratulations, baby, and thank you to the Haley family for giving him this second chance at life. We will certainly miss his tongue-wagging smile around here, but we couldn’t have asked for a better home for him.