It’s a Holiday Miracle … Literally

Do you still believe in holiday miracles? We definitely do after today!

We recently lost our somewhat dependable source of food donations. It was a huge blow and one that left us scrambling to make decisions we didn’t want to make.

As many of you know, we take in a lot of “unwanted” Jacks: Ones with medical issues who come from hoarders, breeders and/or abusive environments. And, of course, not all of them are purebreds. These are the Jacks no one (allegedly) wants. (Our adoption records by amazing people prove otherwise, but we digress.) We simply hate to see a terrier put down because they’re “inconvenient” or “undesirable” to some. We believe every dog has a purpose and, if we had unlimited funds and time, we would help them fulfill that.

Unfortunately, we don’t have either. Very few rescues do. With our supply of food dwindling and our kennels at full capacity, we were in a tough situation in which we would have to start forgoing some medical attention to make sure everyone was fed. That horrible dilemma has been appeased for now.

Several of our dedicated volunteers stepped up in a major way this past week and began making a ton of phone calls to find food. It was Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen and its wonderful founder, Tom Wargo. who made the miracle happen. He donated almost 500 lbs(!) of food, including high-quality Blue Buffalo needed for several of our highly-allergic dogs. The food was delivered to us this morning in two SUVs! Suffice to say, we are in absolute awe and gratefulness.

In addition to the Daffy’s donation, we also received a truckload of food, toys, treats, Martingale collars and laundry detergent (always needed!) from Kim Davis and Sally Hall, a couple of our amazing volunteers!

Please consider making a monetary or food donation to Daffy’s. It’s not really about helping rescues like us; it’s about helping to keep dogs whose families have fallen on hard times help them afford to keep them until things improve. We have all been hit in one way or another by economic challenges the past few years, and this program has helped so many jobless pet owners keep their babies during them. This means they stay in their forever homes, where they belong, and out of rescue or, worse yet, death row, where they don’t. Every rescue worth its salt knows that this is the ultimate dream: No more homeless pets.

Here are a few photos for now; more to come on our Facebook page.
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