So Many Challenges

It has definitely been a challenge at rescue these past few weeks. We:

    • said goodbye to our Jackie in July;
    • had a huge influx of dogs in August;
    • rushed Elanor to the hospital last week and worried for days; and … now …
    • We have to say goodbye again.

The Unexpected

Little Jackson left us very suddenly for the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He had, had quite a run of things since being pulled from Fulton County by Doggie Harmony in August. First, he endured a very intricate hernia surgery at our vet’s and came to recoup with us. He was on the mend a couple of weeks ago, frolicking in the field for his glamour shots .. and then he developed some strange gastro issue and spent more time in the hospital.

He was back at rescue and feeling mighty frisky last week, enjoying his special diet–which included rotisserie chicken–and entertaining us all with his big smile and happy prance … and then he once again took a sudden turn for the worse yesterday. He began to throw up, did not want to get out of his bed and refused to eat.

We took him back to the hospital for hydration and examination. While he was there, his heart stopped twice and they were able to revive him. Then it stopped a third … and they were not.

Early diagnosis is that he may have had an unknown blockage or structural issue in his little GI tract. We are now waiting for necropsy results … and feeling quite heartbroken and lost. After all, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Goodbye, Sweetheart

He wasn’t with us long, but he was so special. His heart was bigger than he was at 12 lbs. and he had overcome two major challenges: He survived the kill shelter and he beat his hernia issues, thanks to some amazing supporters and sponsors. We couldn’t wait for him to find his forever home, but never dreamed it would be at the bridge. To say we are in shock is to put it lightly.

We just hope this tiny little man–with the courage three times his size–knows how loved he was these past few weeks and by how many people. Thank you to everyone who did everything they could to make his last days as wonderful as possible. We know he is no longer having to overcome anything now.