Goodbye to “The One” Who Started it All

If you have followed our rescue for any amount of time, then you know the past couple of years have been a little rough when it comes to losing our beloved rescue dogs. For years, we never lost anyone. But, as our rescues grew older, and we took on more seniors and/or dogs with special needs, it was inevitable. Within months, we lost Abigail, Chloe, BB, Nathaniel and Skip. We loved them as our own and it broke our hearts when we lost them.

This week, however, marked the rescue’s biggest loss to date. Why? Because she was the reason for the rescue …

After weeks of struggling and getting better at the vet, thanks to all of your prayers, Blizzard finally gave the signal on Monday night that it was time to go. Donna sent her off to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Jimmy, Jay, and the four-legged gang.

If you don’t know Blizzard, that’s OK. You probably wouldn’t. After all, she wasn’t a rescue. But, if you’ve ever been to the ranch, then you’ve met her: She was that beautiful, snowy-white girl, lazily hanging out on the front porch with her bestie, Little Buddy. She was Jimmy and Donna’s first Jack during a difficult time when their son, Jay, was sick, and she was “the one” who changed everything.

And we’ve all had “that Jack” (or dog) who changed everything.

We haven’t said anything this week and we apologize. It’s not because of the craziness of the fundraiser; Donna just needed time to heal and sort things out. The healing will continue for some time, of course, but Donna wants this weekend to be about Blizzard.

We know this is a bit of a hit to some, but, please, don’t be sad. Let’s make the fundraiser something special in Blizzard’s memory. Let’s celebrate the fact that she came into Jimmy and Donna’s life and inspired them to start this rescue. Let’s drink a toast to the dog who saved so many lives just by coming into theirs. And let’s honor the girl who rocked everyone’s world and brought us all together for one purpose.

Run free, Blizzard. We will always love and cherish you.

Donations in Blizzard’s Memory

If you can’t make it to the fundraiser this weekend, but would like to make a donation in memory of Blizzard for any of the rescues, you can do so by clicking the Donate button below.