In Honor of Those Who Were Lost

This post is from Donna, who wanted to express her condolences and sympathy in light of yesterday’s tragedy in Rome, Georgia:

As some of you may know, Linda Nash of Flashpoint Kennels lost her home yesterday, along with her kennels and more than 30 precious, innocent dogs. I talked to her today and she is devastated.

Regardless of whatever opinions some may have about her, we would ask that you put yourself in her place. She lost so many lives and years of precious memories that can never be replaced; all of the dogs’ records and those special memories of the dogs. She has cared for some of them for 18 years.

She is more upset the dogs did not make it than she is about her home, which was destroyed. She risked her life to pull them out of the building; the firemen would not let her go back inside after they arrived. She said the fire spread very quickly. She had to go back inside today and face all the poor innocent ones who did not get out. She took dogs that got out to the vet to make sure they would live. Some of them were not doing well today.

Linda has picked up stray cats and stray JR’s that people have moved off and left. Please, remember, none of us are perfect, so let’s just try to think about what we would do if it was us.

Regions Bank in Rome is setting up a account that people can make donations to. Please check with them if you would like to help. She still has outside kennels and will need food for those dogs. All the food she had was inside the kennel that the fire destroyed.

Thank you for thinking of the dogs!