In Honor of Bentley

Bentley Beam, RIP 12/10/12

Bentley Beam, RIP 12/10/12

We have met so many wonderful people throughout the years … and some we’ve never actually even met. 🙂 One of those people is Christi Beam of Missouri, who found us online through our Facebook page. She and her husband, Brian, had a a beautiful Jack Russell named Bentley, who was having several health issues. He left them for the Rainbow Bridge shortly before Christmas Day on Dec. 10. To honor him, they have done one of the most wonderful things possible: They are sponsoring one of our special-needs rescues, Elanor, and helping to give her the gift of life. As you may know, Elanor has a heart murmur and requires monthly medication.

We are so thankful to the Beams (as well as all of our sponsors and supporters) and wanted to pay homage to Bentley … especially after hearing the story of how Mom and Dad saved him from a shelter fate. (We all know what happens to older dogs, especially ones with health issues.)

Here is their wonderful Christmas story they shared with friends:


“Today is the anniversary of the day Brian and I found Bentley while we were out walking our dogs on Christmas Day 2006. Bentley was walking down the sidewalk in our neighborhood, we rang the doorbell of the house he was in front of and asked if they knew this dog and they said no (turns out he actually lived in the house right next door). We took him home and brought him in the house and he jumped up on our sofa and sat down next to me. I told Brian I wanted to keep him, but he said ‘We can’t just keep someone’s dog’, so we decided to leash him up and walk the neighborhood. As we walked around, a car full of people stopped and they rolled down the window and said ‘You found Bentley!’ We were so happy that we were able to return him to his family and it turned out Brian had worked with the owner years ago.

Weeks later, Brian ran into Bentley’s owner at the grocery store and asked how he was and his owner said they had just taken him to the animal shelter because they wanted to ‘do some traveling and he had Epilepsy.’ Brian was so upset and came home and told me about it and I asked if we could get him and he said, ‘I’m going right now.’

Bentley came home, and the rest is history. I never dreamt that I would ever have a Jack Russell and now I can’t imagine my life without one. It was hard to see Bentley have seizures and to have him go through multiple surgeries, but I know that we took care of his medical issues and loved him unconditionally the same way he loved us.

I believe every thing happens for a reason and the day Bentley came into my life was the greatest gift I could have been given. Merry Christmas, little angel.”

– Chris and Brian Beam

Bentley, top left, with mom Christi and pack

Bentley, top left, with mom Christi and pack

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