We’re about to start another rotation of “daily featured dogs,” which we do with every few weeks based on a theme or the time of year on our social media sites. Every time we kick them off, we always kick them off with the dog who was at the top of the last rotation and is still with us … and, for the past several rounds, it’s been poor Hunter … and every time we post him, we always wonder, “Why is this sweet boy still with us?!”

Well … guess what! Hunter will not be starting the rotation this time. In fact, he won’t be in this rotation or any rotation ever again. Why? You guessed it — he’s found his fabulous forever home!

Carlos and his wife, Somaris, came out a few weeks ago on Summer Vol Day to meet all of the dogs. They instantly fell in love with Hunter. This hasn’t been the first time Hunter has charmed someone, but he does best as an only dog (at least for now) and everyone looking to adopt who fell for him typically had other dogs. That was not the case with Carlos and Somaris. They were looking for a boy to call their own; someone to go jogging with them and to be spoiled like every good dog should be.

Hunter was perfect. We introduced them to the other dogs, but they were already in smitten by this beyond-handsome and well-mannered boy. They returned a week later to take him home, and there has not been a dry eye in the place since he left. He is living the life of luxury and he deserves every bit of it. The wait was well well worth it to be a part of this beautiful family.