The Back Story

Spuds (fka Raleigh, now affectionately called “JD”) ended up at Walton County Animal Control last week. His owner was contacted, but had to surrender him because he is going through cancer treatments.

This little guy is 10 years old, has a golf-sized pendulum tumor/cyst on his chest, and has a mouth full of terrible teeth. No one was interested in him … except us, of course.

We picked him up this morning (6/25) and his health is as bad, if not worse than, we expected. His abscessed tooth actually burst on the way to the vet. Despite his obvious agony, his tail did not stop wagging and he never snapped or growled at any of the volunteers.

Spuds' Freedom Ride to the Ranch

Spuds’ Freedom Ride to the Ranch

What’s Happening Now

He is now undergoing an exam and emergency treatment at Lithonia Animal Hospital. We expect this to be quite a hefty bill and we haven’t recouped from Lady’s $2k+ dental and hernia surgery a few weeks ago.

We obviously don’t have an invoice yet, but, having been through this before, we know we are looking at $1k minimum. This sweet boy had some folks interested in sponsoring him on his road to rescue and recovery, so we wanted to get the fundraising started.

We’ll have more updates as the weekend progresses. Thank you to everyone who has participated in helping us help him.

Spuds at the Vet

Spuds at the Vet