Help Donate a Crate

A little over a year ago, we participated in Animal Rescue Aid’s wonderful dog bed program. You guys came through (and then some!) and helped purchase an off-ground, soft bed for every one of our outdoor kennels. Once these jumping Jacks realized these weren’t mini trampolines (you know how these guys can be), they fell in love with them and use them every day they are outdoors. We will always need replacement toppers, but the frames are solid.

This winter, it’s colder than usual in the South and many of the dogs are spending more time in the indoor kennel. We have “just enough” crates of all shapes, sizes and models to house them, but many of them are old. Some are chewed and patched; some are beginning to rust. They were all donated, so … you can imagine. We appreciate every donation, of course; we also know crates are not cheap and we use them to their maximum. We do, however, need to replace a few soon.

The awesome 3-door crates from Animal Rescue Aid

The awesome 3-door crates from Animal Rescue Aid

So, how “grate” is it that ARA once again comes through and launches their National Pet Crate Donation Program. Like their beds, these are  rugged and ready for our tough l’il Jacks. They are extra large (42x28x30) to give them plenty of room to stretch out; made of 6-gauge wire to detour  those more “determined” new arrivals from escaping; and have 3 doors, which allows us to position them more efficiently in the indoor kennel. As you might expect, this puts the cost at $85 each with shipping or $60 each to pick up in Atlanta, which our volunteers are more than willing to do.

But, wait! We don’t expect anyone to donate that much of your hard-earned money. We all know you have your own four-legged kids to take care of, so guess what? You can give a little bit and it will go towards the purchase of a crate. That’s right, for just the price of a pizza, you can make a big dent towards buying a rescue dog a cozy home for the winter and, inevitably, the hot summers here when we put them back indoors to beat the heat.

So … how do I help?

It takes a couple of steps, but it’s online and it’s easy. Go to ARA’s donations page and note the big Paypal button in the righthand corner. Click the Donate button. Once Paypal takes you through the sign in, just leave in special notes that “This donation is towards a crate for Georgia Jack Russell Rescue.” That’s it. Done.