Guess who finally found his forever/retirement home! Yes, after years of waiting, Hartley will spend his golden years with his new mom, Bonnie Brehm, and sister, Ginger, a former GA JRT rescue, in Ohio.

Hartley left the ranch Saturday with our volunteers, Abby and Frank, and headed to Tennessee. There, he met up with his sponsor mama (and Frazier’s mama), Anne Ross. He spent the night with Frazier and Neely before heading to Ohio with Anne for the big hand off.

This funny, handsome senior boy has suffered from ear infections since arriving at rescue three years ago and even had to have ear canal surgery. He has done well on a limited diet and medications, but always needed extra attention. Bonnie is a massage therapist who specializes in homeopathy and wants to add her expertise to his existing treatments. All of her animals live well into their late teens, and we know Hartley will be no exception.

Thank you to everyone who made this happen, from beginning to end. We will miss that wonderfully-goofy smile of his around here, but this special guy is going to have a wonderful life!