It was such an emotional roller coaster for so many this week, we didn’t want to add any more to it. That said, we thought we would give you a happy ending to a stressful week!

We took Skip in for a dental on Tuesday. We knew it was going to be rough, given he is about 12 and has never had a dental. His teeth were literally falling out.

Skip recuperating at the vet today!

Skip recuperating at the vet today!

The poor baby lost 13(!) teeth. The tooth fairy is getting both of his canine teeth, plus some teeth that had so much fur growing between them, our vet could not see them! That wasn’t helped by the fact that the transformer blew in the middle of surgery and the procedure had to be completed using generator lights and flashlights. Wha?!!

Even though he was on pain meds following the intensive surgery, he was miserable and didn’t want to eat for us for a couple of days. That meant he had to stay until his appetite returned – and we prayed it would.

We went by to see him today – and look at him! He’s is doing great and eating away. He should be back home to the ranch tomorrow!

How to Help

Doc says that this sweet, old man is going to have some good days and bad days with all his medical issues, but still has plenty of fire in him. If you would like to foster him, please complete our foster application. If you’re interested in giving this special senior the best years of his life, please download our adoption application.

If you can’t take him into your home, but would like to help with his vet bills (and there have been plenty!), you can sponsor him by visiting his page and selecting Donate (one-time) or Subscribe (recurring).