Happy Birthday, Donna

If you have recently stumbled across Georgia Jack Russell Adoptions via one of the websites or social networks, you may be wondering who “we” are. If you have been there from the beginning about a decade ago, then you know quite well who that “we” is: It’s actually a she. Her name is Donna Durham, and she is an inspiration to all of the volunteers and supporters who have ever had the opportunity to work beside her.

She celebrates her birthday with the presidents on Monday and, if she cared about publicity, we would support her campaign to be one. As it is, she cares very little for that kind of stuff. Anyone who knows her knows she’s outspoken, feisty ‘n fun, but she doesn’t want or like attention or recognition for what she does. She just wants to help dogs. Period.

That being said, “we” (referring to the volunteers/supporters in this post) can’t help but acknowledge her and her genuine love and compassion for  dogs, not just for her birthday but on any given day.

We hope she’ll forgive us for this little post, but hey: We’ll ask for forgiveness, not permission. That’s the Jack Russell way.

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Dog is Her Co-Pilot

We never cease to be amazed by Donna’s compassion and loyalty for dogs. Even after losing both her son and her husband within a couple of years, she never stopped or even slowed down with her dedication to the rescue they founded together. She kept the family’s love of dogs going and has given up almost everything to take care of them. If you’ve tried to get ahold of her, you know it’s not easy. That’s because she works two jobs to support the dogs.

Although she has a soft spot in her heart for Jack Russells (don’t we all?), she loves all dogs and it’s hard for her to say “no” to any of them. She takes in dogs that other rescues won’t touch because they’re difficult to get adopted. She doesn’t see age, illness or issues when rescuing a dog; she only sees a dog who needs help.

It’s not just her compassion and loyalty to these dogs; it’s her absolute, unconditional love for them and desire to help them. We can’t count how many dogs we have seen arrive with their spirits broken and their ribs showing. One week with Mama Donna and they are thriving! Another week and, well, they are puppies again, living the life on the JRT college campus. 😉 Even those who have been adopted into loving homes for years still come back  to visit for a boarding stay or just to say “hello” at an adoption or fund-raising event. They all still literally light up when they see her. They never forget.

And neither do we.

So, thank you, Donna, for all you do without even thinking about it. Thank you for saving so many wonderful lives and for giving them a second chance. Thank you also for giving all of us a way to help and to genuinely make a difference in a dog’s life. We love you.

Wish Her Happy Birthday

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Send Her Something

Donna never wants anything for herself. She only cares about the dogs. If you want to give her a birthday gift, there’s nothing more she could use and appreciate than a donation to the dogs. One of the rescues ate a Kong this weekend and had to receive emergency treatment; that single incident racked up a huge vet bill at a time when she is desperately trying to help the rest of the dogs at Flashpoint Kennels.

To send a birthday gift online, please use our online donation page. Please, mention her birthday in the Add special instructions to recipient box so she knows what it’s for.