katie-adoptaversary-calendarToday, we celebrate one of our own adoption stories. Say what?

Katie arrived at rescue in spring of 2011, looking as cute as can be. She was petite ’n sweet and was adopted within no time. She was gone for several months, but, unfortunately, things did not work out with the children in the home, so she was returned. She was starting to develop some serious skin allergies and other health issues, so we kept her to heal her up.

We had just lost B.B., our “rescue sheriff” of many years, and Katie seemed to fit right into the role without even trying. She never wanted to roam or run, just stick close by and greet everyone (dogs and humans) as they arrived at rescue. So, on Feb. 6 of 2013, we just adopted her ourselves.

She now spends her days “in the big house,” lounging on the couch with her buddy, Little Buddy (who lost his long-time mate, Blizzard, last year.). She loves it when we have big volunteer days or parties, so she can make her rounds and beg for hot dogs … or sometimes just steal them.

So, if you’re ever at the ranch and see a little cutie riding around in the wagon, just wave and ask Katie if she’s making her rounds.

Katie’s “adoptaversary” is just one of many great days on our Year of the Jack calendar to celebrate. Starting today, we have also dropped the price of the calendar from $15 to $10. Get ‘em while they last!