Hannah needs help. She arrived in early April with the other five Exodus Six dogs. She was scared senseless of Mama Donna and all of the volunteers. She would allow us to enter her kennel to clean and feed/water her, but she would never allow us to get close and would always make sure she was on her guard. She has never been aggressive, but has growled and showed her teeth a couple of times when we veered too far into her comfort zone. We did everything from ignoring her to trying to console her. We had, had dogs like this (including little, lovable Slick!) at first, but they have all eventually come around and are wonderful dogs with the volunteers now. We knew Hannah would get better with time, too.

Unfortunately, she has not improved or warmed up to any of us, including Mama Donna, in two months … and we are running out of time.

Hannah is heartworm positive and needs to start treatment ASAP. Even if we could safely sedate and transport her to the vet to begin the slow-kill process, we have no idea how to keep her calm afterwards. That is crucial to her recovery. We have reached out to other rescues and individuals for help, but, like us, they are overwhelmed and do not have anyone to work with her, either. So … we’re turning to our online community.

Please share Hannah’s story, especially if you know dog trainers, whisperers, behavioralists, veterinarians, etc. We are open to all suggestions/recommendations right now … except one and we do not want to accept that one. 🙁 People have failed this poor girl. We don’t want to fail her, too.

This is Hannah – shot from outside her kennel and then inside. As you can see, no aggression; just very terrified with us at our calmest. She will not allow us to approach her any closer.