The Girls at the Kill Shelter
The Girls at the Kill Shelter

Friends of Gordon County posted three young females (a mother and her pups) on their Facebook page in early June. The photo was quickly shared and everyone began rallying to save them.

You can pretty much figure out what happened … They were delivered to our doorstep.

We still don’t have any room, which means they have been bunking together. It also means we need to get them out of here and into foster homes ASAP. All three girls need to be spayed (we can only do one at a time to ensure they are taken care of properly) and completely vetted. The puppies also need some TLC and guidance that every puppy needs. We would love to keep them together, but we know that probably isn’t possible. The puppies (Violet and Rosie) are old enough to hold their own, and mom Gracie is a shy but mellow girl. They should be fine, either way.

Adoption is possible after their spay/vetting, but we must have them treated first.

We have posted their profiles and invite everyone to visit them and learn more. If you can’t foster, please share with those whom you know who can. If you wanted to pledge/donate to the girls, you can do so by visiting any of their pages and clicking the Donate button.

If you want to foster (we cannot express the need for fosters right now), but are not ready to handle puppies or spays, we have many other dogs who could benefit from a foster home and some dedicated TLC right now. Please, visit our Foster Page for more information.