Got skills? We need a prize wheel!

We have several festival events coming up this spring and summer and, thus, several donated prizes (some absolutely fabulous!) to give away at raffles. We want to be completely fair  on how we do this, so we think a prize wheel would be applicable. If you’ve ever looked for one for your organization, then you know they aren’t cheap. In fact, most are more than $100 and, well, we have other priorities … like vet bills.

So, we thought we would reach out to some of our talented friends and see if anyone has the skills it takes to build one, or if anyone has one they are no longer using. We need one with interchangeable or dry-erase options, so we can update it.

If you have any ideas, please give us a call at 770-918-8582 or drop us a line. If you have no idea what a prize wheel even is, here are some examples.