Got scavenger skills?

Got scavenger skills? We need help finding some cost-effective kennels!

We have mapped out level areas at the ranch to add a few outdoor kennels, but don’t have the actual kennels themselves. We have pieces and a couple of panels, but not enough to make a complete one. They’re very expensive and, of course, priorities like medical care and food always come first. We know some of you like to find good deals, though, so we’re turning to you to keep an eye out for some.

Here’s a photo of what the kennels look like:

They are 10x10x6. We have found this to be the best size for these little guys, giving them plenty of room to run and do their feisty Jack thing. Unfortunately, these run around $400.  If you know of any fence company owners willing to sell to us at wholesale or if you run across any used ones in good shape in Georgia (we would have to transport somehow, so they need to be close), please drop us a line or give us a call at 770-918-8582.