Floyd and Larry2016: A Year to Remember

What can we say … 2016 has not been a “kind” year to its legends. It’s only May, and we’ve already lost so many great, talented individuals. Meanwhile … back at the rescue ranch … we have had our own surreal loss of wonderful four-legged souls this year, including Slick, Odie, and, of course, Eli.

And, sadly, last weekend, we lost another rock star of rescue. After a very quick battle with what appeared to be the same strange and sudden GI tract attack we lost Jackson to last fall, Floyd left us for the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday morning.

We don’t want to focus on the heartbreaking events that transpired that morning. We will just tell you that his mom was holding his paw, his favorite form of comfort, as he crossed, and that he would want us all to remember his life and not his death.

Triumph Over Tragedy

This boy was so amazing to so many people. His story was truly one of triumph over tragedy. No matter what happened to him, he was “all Terrier” and determined to overcome anything and be the JRT he was born to be.

Somehow, someway, this beautiful boy with major cataracts and a heart murmur ended up losing his family at 12 years old … and wound up at the kill shelter. (insert your own emoticon here) His story and shelter photo spurred tons of people to network and share him in hopes to find a new home. One of those pleas made it to us and, well, you know the soft spot we have for seniors, especially those who are down and out on their luck.

He was snatched up and taken to our satellite “old folks foster home,” where Jerry Lee, Edgar, Benny and many others have spent their golden years. We discovered he was totally blind, but did that slow him down? Not in the least. He was ready to explore and get to know the “old gang.” His foster dad, Larry, immediately began to spend a lot of time with him, guiding him and showing him how to navigate his new home.

Not too long after his arrival, he had to have both of his eyes removed because of the fluid/pressure in them and the abscessing it was causing. As devastating as that sounds, that definitely didn’t slow him down; it just removed the pain and gave him more determination to discover every corner of the house and yard. He became so comfortable at “the home” that, well, his foster parents just couldn’t let him go. He was already home and in January of 2015, they officially adopted him.

An Inspiration to All

Although adopted, Floyd continued to grace our websites, social media pages and, best of all, special events. He couldn’t help it: He was just quite the character who made all of us laugh. His spirit was 10 times bigger than he was, and he showed all of us, everyday, that anyone can do anything, despite any obstacles.

He must have decided on Sunday that he had taught us all he came here to teach us and said goodbye very suddenly.

We have no doubt he’s having a great time on the other side with his former rescue mates, and he can only hope we all learned by his life’s example. We certainly know he was loved beyond words these past two years of his life with his family. They miss him terribly, but know that is the “price you pay” when you take in seniors … and what a beautiful price it is.

In Memory of Floyd

Floyd had all of the support he could have asked for from his parents, but he also had many “fans” over the past couple of years. He would like to use his legacy to help our rescue continue to save and re-home (or spoil) other needy seniors like him.

If you would like to donate in his memory, you can do so by clicking the donate button below.