Tonight, we say goodbye to our beloved Edgar, who passed Saturday night. You may be wondering who this handsome guy is. He was never posted, never shared. That’s because we fell in love with him early on … and he had a purpose much greater than we knew.

In late 2012, we received a call from a local kill shelter about him. He was 13, deaf, had bad teeth, and limited sight — you know, every adopter’s dream. He also a had a ratty, old ball. When animal control came to pick him up, he had it next to him and refused to get into the truck without it. This boy loved to play ball; not just a little game of fetch, but he was obsessed with it. He would roll it up to you again and again until you decided to play … and, yes, you would inevitably give in and throw it.

We knew he didn’t stand much of a chance to get adopted, so he immediately moved to our foster “senior center” with our lovely Larry and Dede. We were an even smaller operation at the time–and he liked to do things his own way–so he immediately became the “overseer.” That quickly led to his “forever foster-adoption” status, and he spent the next three years, “advising” and teaching the “old newcomers” to the center. There were many, including Jerry Lee, Roxy and Floyd, who is still rockin’ it.

As the years (and ball catches) progressed, he developed more health issues, including disc issues and, ultimately, kidney failure, which retired his duties as director of the senior center.

Thank you, Edgar, for your amazing service and your amazing personality. You gave more to rescue than you ever knew.

Help the Seniors

Edgar would like to help his fellow seniors and sanctuary dogs at rescue. If you would like to donate in his honor, you can click the Donate button below. For more options to donate, visit our Donations page.