Go, Team, Go!

Join Team Russell! Enter your pet's photo in Petco's contest and help us win money for the rescue.

Join Team Russell! Enter your pet’s photo in Petco’s contest and help us win money for the rescue.

Thanks to everyone who has joined Team Russell in Petco’s “Life Together is Better” photo contest. We’ve only been at it a few days and already have 17 great photos posted and 100 votes in the bank. Only 1,400 more to go! We know it sounds daunting, but it’s still very early in the game. We can do this!

How does this work again?

To answer some of the questions you’ve asked …

  • Yes, we do have to raise 1,500 votes. When we do, we automatically get the $1,500 in grant money. If we raise more, we get that, too. If we raise $500, we will be entered into a drawing for a $1,500 grant.
  • If we don’t win (we won’t even talk about that possibility), the money will still go to the Petco Foundation, which has been very generous to us in the past when we needed them most. We are actually working on a writing another grant right now, but as you know, that can take a lot of “finangling” and red tape.
  • Yes, you can enter as many photos as you’d like. The more we have in circulation, the more likely we are to get votes and raise funds.

Where do I go to vote?

We have been individually posting the photos on our Facebook page, but if you would like to look at all of our photos at a glance, visit this link and select Georgia Jack Russell Rescue Inc. from the drop-down menu.

Attention: Parents Posting of our Dogs Adopted Before 2011

We have several photos posted of some of our “older” rescues who the current volunteer team did not have the pleasure of meeting or knowing. We are going to ask Donna for the scoop, but you know how busy she is. If you have time, please send us the story of your rescue – anything you know about their past and how you came to adopt him or her. This will help us tell their story … and pick the perfect team position for them. 😉