Give Chance Another Chance

Chance needs a new home where he can be top dog ... and the only dog.

Chance needs a new home where he can be top dog … and the only dog.

Chance needs another chance. He was graciously given a second one—and his name—a little over a year ago by a couple of our huge-hearted volunteers/supporters. He was found running … not neutered or tagged/chipped, scarred from being attacked, wearing thin fur and dealing with skin issues. They took him into their home, helped heal him and gave him everything any good dog deserves.

Unfortunately, he has a little more than he can deal with right now.

As much as he loves his humans, he has not overcome some issues from his previous life: He isn’t a fan of other male dogs and he especially doesn’t care for them when there is a female around. Unfortunately, he is currently in a home with both a brother, who has been with the family for years, and a sister, who has very special health needs.

Several trainers have been consulted and assessed the situation; they have all recommended, to his family’s greatest dismay, that he be rehomed into a single-dog environment where he does not have to compete for attention or deal with same-sex issues. That recommendation broke their hearts, so they have tried daily to keep everyone separated, leaving Chance alone at times and crying for human attention. It’s not working, and they know the situation is not fair to anyone. It’s breaking their hearts, but they know they have to let their baby go to a better home.

We are at-capacity right now and would hate for Chance to return back to the homeless life he lived before they rescued him anyway. He loves being in a home with people and does fine otherwise.

If you or someone you know can help Chance find a new home where he can be more comfortable and love the second life he’s been given, please contact his mom. (Please note: He is not at our rescue.) They want only the best for him and are willing to help with food, vet bills, etc. to find him the happiness he deserves, if needed.