Ginger’s Big Adventure

Ginger arrived at our rescue in July with a group of Jack Russells who had all been pulled from Gwinnett County. She was short, sweet and smiling and we all fell in love with her immediately. She loved us, too, but she did not love the kennel lifestyle. It was obvious she had been someone’s lapdog and, through no fault of her own, had somehow ended up being abandoned. As the weeks passed, her smile faded and she began to spend most of her time in her doghouse, moping. She only lit up when it came time to play with people.

Ginger began looking sad a few weeks after her arrival. The rescue world was not for her.

We were desperately trying to find a foster home or, better yet, a forever home for this girl. Her disposition was sweet and cuddly, but the vet guessed she was around 8-10 years old and, well, we all know how these beautiful seniors often get overlooked in favor of the young ones. So, imagine our surprise when we received an email from Bonnie Brehm in Ohio. She saw Ginger on and thought she would be the perfect fit for her family. She had just lost her 16-year-old Jack Russell and her Russell’s 14-year-old son was lonely. Ginger was the perfect low-key “little sister.”

Everything sounded great, but one obstacle remained: She was in Ohio; we are in Georgia. Gas prices are through the roof right now, and our funds are focused primarily on vet care and food instead of transport. How would we get her there? We put a shout out on our Facebook page for help with transport and within hours, we received a response from some great samaritans in Georgia. They said they would be more than willing to transport her for part or even all of the journey.

And this past Friday, that’s exactly what they did.

On Thursday night, our dedicated volunteer Kim Davis picked Ginger up from rescue and took her home for a good scrubbing and a sleep over. They were up bright and early the next morning for the hand-off to Kasey Perritt and Kimberly Rooney, the awesome women who volunteered to drive her. Ten hours and several rounds of vomiting (Ginger is lapdog, not a car dog), they arrived at Ginger’s new home and delivered her to Bonnie, her JRT brother and three cats(!).

Here are the photos that chronicle her venture up north.

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We cannot thank Kasey and Kimberly enough for stepping up and volunteering to do this with their own vehicle, funds and time off. We could not have done this without you! You have made a world of difference in the life of a wonderful rescue dog.