We’re putting another fabulous volunteer day to rest … and what a great day it was!

A lot of “volunteer vets” couldn’t make it out today, but we had several amazing “new” volunteers who made the day just awesome. This is the first time in a long time that we’ve had a lot of “manpower” — and when we say that, we mean it literally. Don’t get us wrong, Mama Donna and our ladies (we use that term loosely) kick “Jack-ass” on the regular to get things done, but it was wonderful to have some young bloods (again — literally) to make things we’ve had to hold off for, for months happen within a matter of hours.

Thank you to everyone who came out early and stayed late. You never stopped unless you needed to stop ‘cause, well, it feels like 100 degrees here and humid as all heck. Whether it was washing dog houses, replenishing kennels, cooking food, bathing dogs and giving them TLC, or wrestling with stubborn fence posts … you rocked it at rescue today. Thank you for taking time out to come out and help us help the dogs.