Saturday was such a beautiful day for a fun day at the rescue ranch. We really appreciate the Dogwood Jack Russell Terrier Club and how they love and respect the breed. They’re all wonderful people who join to give their dogs the “jobs” they were bred and born to do — racing, lure chasing, going to ground, you name it! All of the dogs are either responsibly bred to maintain the lineage or they are adopted rescues. They work very hard to protect the JRT legacy and health via education and events.

The clubs participates in various big events throughout the year and, in preparation, they have “practice days.” We have a huge field for them to set up in and strut their stuff, so we love to host them and meet the members. They are awesome to us and let us test some of the rescues to see what they’re made of as well. We also have supporters and/or adopted parents who come out to join the club and see what their dogs are made of. It’s a win-win-win for everyone … and it’s always a little “mini reunion” for Mama Donna/Team Russell and our adopted kids