Our little lamb Barkley has moved from his medical foster home to his new (possibly permanent) foster home. Yay!

Awesome mom, Gayle, wanted a companion and playmate for her beautiful 8-year-old girl, Bonnie. She reached out to us a few weeks ago and completed our foster application, wanting to test the waters between Bonnie and a new dog before making the long-term adoption commitment.

Barkley received his neuter a couple of weeks ago and has been in foster “recoup” care with two of our volunteers, Kevin and Elisa, who are hands-on with the dogs in terms of temperament testing, training and fostering. He did exceptionally well with his foster sis, Isis, and Chad (former GA JRT rescue), so he moved in with Gayle and Bonnie yesterday.

Mom reports that she is in love. (Can you blame her?) Barkley still has his early post-neuter “tendencies” from his breeder days, but Bonnie has no problem putting him in his place, i.e. “Back off, buddy!” She’s still, understandably, wondering why this new guy is in her territory, but we all know that’s natural. It’s not always easy learning to share. But we think they kind of like one another. How could they not?

Now, it’s just a matter of time to see how they adapt and if/or the dynamics change in any way.

For those wondering if fostering before adoption is a possibility, absolutely! We actually prefer this route to adoption. It’s a great experience for the dogs and the adopters all around.