Open Your Heart … and Your Home

This past year has been a busy one at the JRT Ranch. Our kennels have been full for some time, and we have (heartbreakingly) had to turn away a lot dogs because we simply didn’t have room or funds to care for them. We also some very sweet dogs who have spent their entire lives as indoor dogs and/or had a lot of exercise and attention and now they are living the kennel life. As much as we try to spoil them and make them comfortable, it’s no comparison to a loving home.

If you have ever considered fostering a dog, this is your chance. Please, however, do not take it lightly as this is a big responsibility.

If you would like to open up your home to a dog between homes, please complete our online foster application form. We will be in touch to answer your question, discuss concerns, find the perfect dog for your situation, etc.

And don’t worry–not all of our fosters are failures. ;)

Foster home responsibilities:

  • Provide temporary home for the dog.
  • Be patient. Understand that all of our dogs are rescue dogs, which means there may be some slight behavioral problems. (Don’t worry, we will never foster out dogs with severe issues.)
  • Be willing to foster your dog from rescue to adoption. This could be days, weeks or even months.
  • Jack Russells are high-energy, roam-happy dogs. Ideal foster candidates should have a home with a secure, fenced-in yard.
  • Notify us immediately in the event the dog is sick or lost.
  • Keep us informed about your foster dog’s personality, quirks, behavior, etc. Many rescue dogs arrive scared and timid, but begin to show their “real” temperament once they get comfortable. This information is crucial to us in helping them get adopted.