Sometimes we invite our online family to join us on difficult surgical decisions and ask for prayers … and sometimes we just have to make those difficult decisions and follow through. That happened recently with Floyd.

As many of you already know, Floyd is an absolutely wonderful senior dog who is living with one of our fabulous fosters (Brooklyn is with them as well). He was dumped at the kill shelter with a heart murmur and cataracts a few months ago. Neither our sponsor/foster nor Mama Donna could stand the thought of him being put down, so he has been living the good life with his foster pack the past few months.

Although completely blind, he has adapted quickly, thanks to his amazing foster pack, who has shown him around. Unfortunately, the cataracts caused his eyes to swell to the point where one of his corneas was abscessing. The decision had to be made a couple of weeks ago to remove both of his eyes to take him out of any kind of pain. Although there have been some small issues here and there with the healing process (in short, he’s not thrilled with being held down; what Jack is?), he’s doing much better now and is in no pain and ready to play!

Best of all? This sweet boy is coming to spend a little time with us while his parents must be away for a few days. We’ll try and get some more pics/updates before he leaves, but are happy to have him with us. He is such a wonderful, little soul.

Floyd’s surgery was graciously covered by his foster, but if you would like to help him or other senior dogs like him, you can sponsor him or even give him a fabulous forever home in his golden years by visiting his profile.