Flashpoint Update: The Road Home

We know some of you are wondering about the Flashpoint dogs, so we wanted to give you a quick update.

The Remaining Girls … and That Cute Boy

There are still 12 Jacks (11 girls and 1 boy) at Flashpoint. Actually, they’re not at Flashpoint right now. They all went to the vet last week and are currently being boarded in a warm, wonderful place. Thank you so much, Jennifer Smith at Clippers ‘n Bows, for providing that opportunity.

We still have some spays to complete, but the word is that Logan (the boy) and a few of the girls with fear-aggression issues are already showing improved temperaments. Yea! We are scrambling to make room to take several of these sweethearts in ourselves, but we would love nothing more than to see them go to good homes instead. So please view their profiles on our website or Petfinder and share, share, share.

We will try to get updated photos as we know most of the pics we took of the dogs last month were soon after the fire and they were still suffering from post-traumatic stress. If you’re a fan of our Facebook page, you’ve already seen the incredible transformations the older girls who went to Florida have made. We are expecting the same beauty make-overs with the rest of the girls here in Georgia.

It’s Because of You

We can’t make any post about this effort without mentioning you and your generosity. Donna is putting together an official thank you list, so we can share with everyone. Please, don’t think we’re not thankful because we haven’t mentioned you yet. We absolutely are – beyond words. You stepped up when others wouldn’t touch this and you did it for the dogs. Donna just wants to make sure she includes everyone who has made this insurmountable task somehow surmountable. Your outpouring of concern, compassion and help has been overwhelming for her … but that’s a wonderful problem to have.

Want to Help?

If you want to be a part of this effort and help give a wonderful dog a second chance, it’s definitely not too late. You can help easily and effortlessly without leaving your chair by contributing to the online Flashpoint ChipIn. There are still plenty of things that need to be done for these sweet babies and, of course, plenty of bills that accompany those things. We have two dozen dogs of our own to feed and shelter, so every penny towards this “side effort” is significant.