Fancy That

fancy, rescue, jack russell terrier, flu, adoptedWe are happy to report that Fancy has finally left the vet. She received a second opinion and both vets diagnosed her with the canine flu. She is now living with her potential “forever foster” Jane.

For almost the entire month of May, this poor girl has been abandoned by her family, scheduled to be put down, shared and sponsored by our Save a Jack group, taken to a strange rescue and then poked and prodded at the vet for a solid week – all while fighting off this stressful condition.

Despite all that, her tail has never stopped wagging and her trust has never waned. She is such a wonderful, patient, well-behaved sweetheart. She is now in a stable, loving environment and it is our greatest hope that this precious girl will finally find the chicken soup for her soul she needs to make a full recovery.

Thank you to Kim Davis, Sally Hall, Jane Cox, Cara Thomas and everyone else who has taken this girl from the gas chamber to the high life. We call her our “million-dollar shelter dog.” It’s a little exaggerated, but she has been worth every penny. We hope to have some updated photos of her soon.