We’ve been sitting on some great news for four days and now we can no longer hold it in: Ernie, the Mighty Snake Killer is now Ernie, the Mighty Forever Man! Yes, after being dumped at the shelter with his big brother, Bert, during Christmas week last year and waiting patiently while Bert moved north a couple of months ago and found his forever home, Ernie now has a family to call his own … and what a wonderful family it is!

We have to thank Susie’s Senior Dogs for this one. They shared his story a couple of weeks ago, and we were flooded with applications from around the country, interested in adopting Ernie. We considered several homes for this special boy, but Anette Gantert’s application really won us over. She and her daughter, Erin, made the trek up from Florida on Fall Vol Day with their gorgeous Beagle mix senior, Ally, to meet Ernie and it was love at first sight for everyone … especially Erin and Ernie. 😉 We had all been secretly wishing Ernie a wonderful day and forever life all morning before they arrived and, as they left, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

He has already settled in beautifully with his new family. This precious boy, who spent most of his life being neglected (but never let it bring him down), now has a huge backyard for squirrel hunting and an active family (who lives near the beach!) to keep him busy well into his golden years. Most importantly, he will now know what it’s like to be unconditionally loved and spoiled for the first time in—and the rest of—his life.

We certainly do miss him around the ranch, but there’s nothing better than seeing the pictures of him in his new home, smiling and loving life. Here’s to a lovely life for this wonderful boy and a huge thank you to the Gantert family for giving him this fantastic opportunity.

(Oh, look … we’re crying again …)