We had so much going on last weekend, we didn’t want this awesome news to get buried in the other stuff. We casually mentioned it on a photo of her at vol day, but here’s the official scoop — Emily, now known as Twiggy, has gone home!

You may or may not remember that this adorable girl, who arrived at rescue last year, was quite the escape artist. We even had to put her in the kennel we jokingly call “Alcatraz” (it’s secured from top to bottom). We’re still not sure how she did it, but she was notorious for finding ways to escape from Alcatraz. She didn’t want to run and she never did; she just wanted to be with people and would “pop up” next to Mama Donna or volunteers, wagging her tail and smiling, out of nowhere. We knew foster care was the best solution for her; to have a person or family next to her while she waited for her permanent one.

Enter her mom, Jody, who came out to meet some of our dogs last fall with her gorgeous, well-behaved 12-year-old JRT, Munson. He and Emily hit it off, and she went home with them to meet their cat. That, too, was a successful meet ’n greet. Whew! Jody was interested in a foster-to-adopt situation (which we love and encourage), so we all gave them time to adjust.

Jody began calling her Twiggy because of her long, skinny legs, and it stuck. It took a couple of months for her personality to come through. Jody noticed that Twiggy really hated when she had to “go out.” Even though she has a backyard that most JRTs would long for, Twiggy did not like being out there alone. She would do her business, then race back inside as quickly as possible to be with Mom. We’ve learned that this sweet girl was at animal control multiple times for being picked up as a stray and think she may have been left alone outside all of the time. Who knows, that’s history …

She will never be left alone now. She spends her days with her mom and fur siblings, lounges outside in the hammock with mom, and goes for runs in the park. She still has some “terrier” issues she is working on, but she finally has a family who won’t give up on her and who loves her unconditionally.

Thank you, Jody, for all of your help on spring vol day, but most importantly, for not giving up, for believing in this special girl and for giving her the life she has always deserved.