Our brave Eddie boy is back home at rescue and doing very well following his perineal hernia surgery last week … almost too well, in fact! He is his happy-go-luck self, ready to play and explore. Unfortunately, we meanies have to remind him that he’s still healing and has to be calm. He currently has stitches inside and outside and, thus, is on crate rest for the next few weeks. We would love to find him a temporary foster where he could chill and heal, if at all possible.

Thank you for all of the support, prayers and donations over the past couple of weeks. For those still interested in helping, his fundraiser will remain online for several weeks. We sill owe plenty. 

If you want to make this sweetie a part of your forever home, please visit his profile to learn more about him and find the link to our adoption application.

Oh … and please … spay/neuter your dogs! This could have totally been avoided if Eddie’s previous human had neutered him when he was younger. We are not “taking away their spirit,” as some have claimed, by doing this. We are extending (and possibly saving) their lives.