Eddie needs perineal hernia surgery.
Eddie a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t want to gross anyone out.

Here We Go Again

Here we go again … We have another major medical issue with one of our rescues. We haven’t fully and financially recovered from Ernie’s snake-biting fiasco  a few weeks ago. Now it’s Eddie.

We noticed his little bum was swollen the other day and took him to the vet. It’s a perineal hernia. This condition was a new one to us. In all these years of rescue, we have never dealt with it and immediately started doing some research. Essentially, the muscles of his pelvis have torn and abdominal contents can enter the area adjacent to the anus. It typically happens in male dogs around Eddie’s age (5) who have not been neutered. (He was scheduled to be “tutored” this coming week.) It is progressive and, although he’s not in pain right now, he will be soon.

The Outlook

We have spent the past several days getting lots of opinions and, of course, estimates. The bad news is that it is going to be a very expensive and complicated surgery with some much-needed healing time afterwards. We won’t know exactly how bad things are until the surgery takes place. The good news? He should be perfectly fine afterwards.

He is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. We would ask that everyone keep him in your thoughts and prayers that day and hope that his condition isn’t any worse then it appears right now.

Want to help us help him?

If you would like to donate towards this surgery (he’s our next “million dollar dog”), we have just set up YouCaring fundraiser just for him. We will post estimates/invoices as soon as we receive them. If you do not feel comfortable donating online, you can donate to his overall bill (please wait until after Tuesday, so we have a true cost of what we owe) by calling our vet and donating directly to his surgery.

Been here? Done this?

If you have had a dog who has been through this, we invite you to share your stories, advice, etc. in the comments. You can post on our Facebook page or email us directly.