Team Russell at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Adoption Event

On Saturday, Whole Foods Market Buckhead tried something new and inventive and invited us out for an adoption event. They set us up in a high-profile spot for our dogs to meet and greet visitors as they entered and exited their busy location. Suffice it to say, it turned out fantastic!
Hacienda del Mar

Win a Condo in Cabo for the Dogs

If you weren't able to make it to our June fundraiser and bid on the condos in Cabo San Lucas, here's your chance to one-up both of those offers with a 7-night stay (September 20-27, 2014) in a Presidential Suite Condo at Hacienda del Mar.
Jessie in Foster

Jessie: A First-Time Foster Experience

Fostering a rescue dog is about much more than just taking a dog into your home. It's about teaching a rescue dog how to live in a home. Some dogs' situations are more challenging than others, especially the ones who have spent most of or their entire lives living outdoors--in the backyard or in breeding kennels. And then there are other dogs who just leap into your arms and are ready to adjust to and learn everything. Jessie is the latter.
Lunchtime with Nicki

Lunchtime with Nicki

Just a little fun with Nicki. He is actually a perfect gentleman, especially once he gets to know and trusts a person. Now that Rocket has been adopted, who knows what may be in store for our other fear-aggressive boy. Miracles DO happen.
Be a winner in the Heartworm Help Online Auction!

Heartworm Help Auction Kicks Off Tonight

Join us for our latest online auction, Heartworm Help. This auction includes tons of great Jack Russell collectibles (mug, plate, statue, pin, books, etc.); several pieces of beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry; a swag bag for dog lovers; and a Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System with more than 130 pods for coffee, hot cocoa and tea. All proceeds help us cover heartworm treatment costs for our rescues.
Mr. Wiggles

Mr. Wiggles: Lessons from a Foster Family

Over the past year, Kevin and Elisa Schwutke have been a “dogsend” to the group. They are currently fostering Chad, but prior to Chad, they fulfilled the ultimate foster mission three times: To foster a dog from rescue to adoption. Mr. Wiggles was one of those three. Read his story below.
Cobb and Carson

Cobb: When a Rescue Dog Rescues Another

Mike and Lily Goldstein gave Carson his forever home in 2013--and have given more to rescue than we can ever thank them and their family enough for. With Carson's approval, they became fosters for Cobb a few months ago. And now? We are thrilled to announce Cobb has joined the family permanently!

Sam and Ossa: Both Sides of the Foster Story

To promote our push for fosters, we are sharing some stories from our fosters throughout the years. They all have unique and wonderful experiences – some short-term, some long-term and, yes, some permanent. The Brewsters have had a very unique experience in fostering: They fostered one dog (Sam) to the point of adoption, then took in another dog (Breeze) who was really down on his luck. They cared for him and nursed him from rescue, through the trials and triumphs of overcoming (and almost losing) a broken leg, to making the decision to add him to their family.