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Stoney's Surgery

Stoney needs your help. This precious 2-year-old was abandoned at the kill shelter with a pelvis broken in 3 places. She deserves to be the Jack she was born to be with all of our help.
Auction Raffle Items Needed
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Raffle/Auction Items Needed

We will be hosting several raffles/auctions in the coming months, both online and in Georgia. We could really use some items to help raise funds for the rescues. We need everything from small items, to big prizes, to handmade goodies.
Floyd and Larry

Goodnight, Pretty Boy Floyd

Floyd was so amazing to so many people. His story was truly one of triumph over tragedy. No matter what happened to him, he was "all Terrier" and determined to overcome anything and be the JRT he was born to be.
Hanging in the hammock with Mom

Emily Goes Home

We had so much going on last weekend, we didn’t want this awesome news to get buried in the other stuff. We casually mentioned it on a photo of her at vol day, but here’s the official scoop — Emily, now known as Twiggy, has gone home!
Yes, we HAD to do it ... Stanley Cup style ...

Give a lot? Wag-a-Lot!

Mama Donna received an award and grant for the dogs last year for "giving a lot" from WAG-A-LOT. She wanted to pick up the award in person, but given her work and rescue schedule, that just didn't happen until one of our vols picked it up for her a couple of weeks ago. She insisted that members of the team (some of us ran) be in the photo with her. It's because of everyone in this photo and many, many more, that we continue to do what we do everyday for the dogs.
Christian Stone shooting video
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Spring Vol Day

Saturday’s Spring Vol Day was sensational! The winter wraps “flew” (sometimes literally) off the kennels quickly, leaving a lot of time for volunteers to spend with dogs, walking, playing, teaching commands/agility, and, most importantly, just giving them some TLC while they wait for new homes.