Eli and Elanor

Holiday Dogs

Help us share the holiday spirit and our rescues in their search for a forever home!

Year in Review 2014: May

May was a month of festivals, festivals and more festivals ... oh, and yeah ... Rocket went home!!

Year in Review 2014: April

Vol Days are always special, but our spring one this year was a match made in heaven for the Carelsons and Octavial. And while the pollen spread across Atlanta, so did education about the True Costs of Rescue across the country.
Jennifer and Kim chatting

Year in Review 2014: March

March both came in and went out like a lamb this year ... and we were thankful after a "ruff" winter ... well, for the South, at least. We welcomed spring with a photo contest and an awesome chance to appear on TV ... and we said goodbye to our special rock star, Jerry Lee.
Sadie and her dad

Year in Review 2014: February

February was the month of love! Our dogs kissed so many folks at Smooch-a-Pooch and we, unfortunately, kissed our sweet Skip goodbye.
Mama Donna saying goodbye to Isabella

Year in Review 2014: January

2014 kicked off on a busy note with regular activities (fundraising and volunteering), as well as some fun stuff (barn hunting classes). Hannah took some big steps, while Ossa learned to step again. And Isabella finally got the gift she had been waiting for, for months.
Kennedy's new wheelchair

Kennedy's Wheels

There are two things you should know about this video ... 1) This is Kennedy, getting used to his new wheelchair ... and ... 2) this is Kennedy, getting used to his new wheelchair after having had surgery yesterday to have six teeth extracted ... We'd say he's doing alllll right. ;) And it's all because of you!
Angel Tree at Dog City II

Angel Tree Drive Underway

Our annual Angel Tree Drive has officially kicked off again! For the past two years, Intown Healthy Hound in Grant Park has graciously sponsored our tree and will do so again this year. Dog City II in Sandy Springs will also be hosting a tree, which we set up today (pictured). Thanks so much to Olive and Lily, owner Marcia’s insanely-adorable Boston Terrier rescues, for helping us get the job done!
Whole Foods group

Whole Lotta Fun at Whole Foods

“We’ve got sunshine … on a cloudy day … When it’s cold outside, we’ve got the month of May …” Rain, schmain! It didn’t stop any of us from heading out Saturday morning and enjoying the day at Whole Foods Market Buckhead.
Sasha Goes Home

Sasha Goes Home

Although Thanksgiving is over, we are still very thankful. For what, you might ask? So many things, but especially … drum roll, please … another successful adoption! This time, our little Sasha has found her forever home.