Eddie needs perineal hernia surgery.

Eddie Needs Our Help

Here we go again ... We have another major medical issue with one of our rescues. We haven't fully and financially recovered from Ernie's snake-biting fiasco a few weeks ago. Now it's Eddie. We noticed his little bum was swollen the other day and took him to the vet. It’s a perineal hernia ... and he needs surgery immediately.

Fostering ... and the Art of Letting Go

We have another wonderful success story from the Knight family ... and Boe. ;) Abby originally wrote this on Sept. 15, but Bunny had just gone home with her new parents, Tyler and Brittany Hodnett, and we wanted to give them time to settle in and adjust before announcing it, which we were able to do on Facebook earlier this week. We thought this was a wonderful insight into the world of fostering -- in learning to love them and in letting go. They may have only had her for a couple of weeks, but those couple of weeks were crucial in setting up Bunny's forever life ... which, as you can tell from the pics, is just awesome.

Hannah: Still Looking for Love

We recently posted Hannah's profile and an urgent request to find a new foster or forever home for her. It's been a week, and we are still avidly searching for the "right" person for her.
Walking the Jack Pack

Walk for a Dog

Download the Walk for a Dog app for your iPhone or Android phone and start racking up donations for the rescues today!

Team Russell ... Hustles

It was another busy weekend at the ranch with most members of Team Russell ... well ... doing the hustle - securing kennels, walking dogs, bathing and grooming the pups, mowing the acreage, you name it! Live in the Atlanta area and want to join the fun? We'd love to have you! Please, complete our volunteer application.

Bunny Hops to Foster

Call her what you will (we still have to refer to her as Bunny as she is listed and linked everywhere under that name on our networks), Bunny is a pint-sized package of playfulness. She was recently spayed and is now living the good life in her fabulous foster home; the same fosters who shared their first-time experience with Jessie, who is now living the good life.
I Am Ernie - The Mighty Snake Killer

Ernie: The Mighty Snake Killer

If you follow our Facebook page, you already know this week was a bit of a stressful one for all of us … especially little Ernie. On Sunday night, Donna heard Ernie barking up a storm. He’s a laidback kind of guy, so she knew something was wrong. She walked up to discover a Copperhead had made its way into Ernie’s kennel, and they were both bowed up at one another. Yikes!
Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! Eli, Elanor and Team Russell wish you and your pups a wonderful day. Celebrate the canine way!

Be the Change Campaign

It’s been awhile since we’ve ran a campaign, so … it’s time again! We’re kicking off our “Be the Change” campaign tonight for the next few weeks to share all of the ways you can help make a change in the life of a rescue dog. It ranges everything from sharing posts or voting online, to taking a dog into your home permanently. Every part you play makes a difference in the lives of our dogs, so we want to share that and encourage others to help “be the change,” too.
Meeting Mama

Jessie: A Foster Success!

Several of you have been following Jessie’s foster story via the great updates from foster mom, Abby. Mom kept us updated every week on her progress; so much so that we couldn’t keep up publicly, but were elated to know how well she had been doing these past five weeks on a personal basis. This was the family’s first time at fostering and, despite all of the encouragement to “fail” like so many of us, they held steadfast to their mission of being a foster … and they succeeded!