Fall Vol Day 2013

The Jacks Need You

If you have been wanting to volunteer, this is the time to do it! The weather is great, the dogs are happy, and the help is very much needed.

Doggone Costume Fun!

Here are the photos from our "photo booth" at Saturday's JRT Reunion. They are available to the pet parents for free. Read more to find out how to download them or have them emailed to you.
Bailey and Mama Donna

Rowdy Reunion Fun!

Saturday’s Friends & Family Jack Russell Reunion at the ranch was an absolute hoot! It was great to see so many of our “adopted” and foster parents, volunteers and/or sponsors/supporters come together for an evening of food, fellowship and, of course, adorable dogs wearing adorable costumes!
Doggie Palooza

Doggone Fun at Doggie Palooza

What a great day we had at Doggie Palooza yesterday! The weather was awesome, and it was great meeting so many new people and watching all the events. Thanks to everyone for coming out and stopping by our booth. Some awesome folks even “borrowed” Ruby and Eddie to parade as show dogs!
Isabella 3-Day

Izzy Supports the 3-Day Walk

Former GA JRT Isabella (aka Izzy) showed up with her (own) mama Donna to welcome and thank weary walkers at the halfway/lunch mark today and “high paw” them on their commitment to the cure. The mere sight of her in her cute hat and pink T-shirt lit up so many faces ... and so many flashes! Expect to see her all over the Internet. Way to inspire, sweet girl!

Renny Goes Home

Leslye came to rescue on Sunday with her eye on this wild but wonderful, ball-loving boy. She wanted another dog to teach flyball. It was a match made in immediate heaven as they immediate hit it off, playing in the field! He also warmed right up to his new brothers, Jet and Rex. It's a win for everyone.

Sparky Goes Home

Police officer Heather, her mom, and her “Teagle” mix Sadie drove all the way from Mississippi to speed date with our rescue boys on Sunday. They were all very open to whomever Sadie picked, but she and Sparky hit it off immediately. They spent a lot of time in the field with him, getting to know him and making sure it was a fit, but Sadie had made up her mind. “The boy is mine!”
Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry Goes Home ... Forever

It's another Sunday at rescue. Poop is getting scooped, water bowls are getting refreshed, and dogs are being walked. But there's something that none of us can ignore: That empty kennel. It's the first one we all see when we pull up to rescue; the one that housed Dirty Harry, who was notorious for welcoming everyone in his own way. He loved some folks; he warned away others. Whatever he did, however, he was Dirty Harry.

Julie Goes Home

Sweet, sweet Julie … oh, how we barely knew ye … Julie and her sister, Ruby, were born into foster care in late July. They spent the majority of those formative weeks with their beautiful mama, Gracie, before coming to rescue last weekend to be put up for adoption. With hours, this precious baby found her forever home!
Floyd with fake shades

Floyd's New Outlook on Life

Sometimes we invite our online family to join us on difficult surgical decisions and ask for prayers … and sometimes we just have to make those difficult decisions and follow through. That happened recently with Floyd when both of his eyes had to be removed.