Let’s kick off this chilly Atlanta morning with some wonderful news! We typically like to wait a couple of days before announcing adoptions, just to make sure everything works out, but it’s already worked out in this case! 😉

When Phil Yarbrough contacted us earlier in the week about adopting a dog, we had some reservations due to a fencing situation. In case you haven’t heard, we can be sticklers about that. Most of our dogs are at rescue because they ran from home … Suffice to say, Dodger got his name because he was picked up, dodging in and out of traffic, after breaking loose from somewhere. That said, we certainly didn’t want Dodger or any of our dogs to lose a chance at such an otherwise perfect home – big acreage, horses and, most importantly, lots of love and companionship to be had. 

Within hours, Phil went to work on fence ideas and securing things up! We knew he was serious and we were giddy. He came out Saturday to meet the dogs and … “We love Phil!” is our new motto around here. Ha-ha. Dodger went home with him and, as you can see, they hit it off immediately.

We are so happy for this young boy, who needed some great one-on-one attention and guidance. He has so much energy and love to give and couldn’t have asked for a better forever family!