It’s another Sunday at rescue. Poop is getting scooped, water bowls are getting refreshed, and dogs are being walked. But there’s something that none of us can ignore: That empty kennel. It’s the first one we all see when we pull up to rescue; the one that housed Dirty Harry, who was notorious for welcoming everyone in his own way. He loved some folks; he warned away others. Whatever he did, however, he was Dirty Harry.

Our scruffy, dirt-loving man left us for the Rainbow Bridge last night after a week-long battle with a mysterious infection that quickly advanced into what appears to be pneumonia. (We will know more in a few days when his test results come back.) He was on antibiotics and steroids, but neither helped. He was being rushed back to meet the vet after a turn for the worst and was resting in Mama Donna’s arms when he left us. We are still heavy-hearted–if not actually heartbroken–and can only be consoled by remembering what a truly silly and unique boy he was.

We initially named him Harry when he arrived at rescue in 2011 because he resembled the pup in the “Harry the Dirty Dog” series. He quickly became known as Dirty Harry because, yes, he loved to roll around and get dirty. He was all boy and loved to play ball, learn tricks, hunt in the field, and tear it up in general. He mellowed out a little over the past year, but was still our feisty “gatekeeper” against scary stuff like the lawnmower.

He was also selective about who he liked and who he didn’t. Even when visitors took him to the field to get to know him, he was known for running off and doing his own thing. He would do tricks to amuse people for treats and he didn’t mind cuddling on his terms, but he was Mr. Independent. He didn’t even like coming inside when he needed to. He wanted to be outside.

We were always hopeful that just the right person was out there for him. Now, he no longer has to wait. Run, play and romp it up at the Bridge, baby. There’s no fence to hold you in now.

In Memory of Harry

If you would like to make a donation to the rescue in Harry’s name, you can do so by using the button below. If you prefer to send checks, our address is below.

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In Honor of Your Baby

If you have lost a baby and want to make a donation in their name, we would love to include them on our Paw Prints page.