Happy Sunday! We thought we’d start you out on a happy note and let you know that another one of our rescues has found his fabulous forever home.

Pete Hall and his wife, Manori de Silva, came out to visit all of the dogs last weekend. Their 16-year-old Jack Russell, Tycho, had just passed. They had, had him since he was a puppy and they were ready to open up their home to another Jack. They met and played with several of the dogs, but it was the last one they met who really spoke to them — Decker! He was just who they were looking for — smart, sweet, playful … and a little bit mischievous. 😉

He has now settled into his new home … and his amazing backyard! The lucky boy has his own waterfall to play in.

Thanks so much for giving this energetic boy such a great and active life. We can already see he’s having a wonderful life.