Our top winner -- Boo!

Our top winner — Boo!

Congratulations to the top five winners in our wine label photo contest!

It went head-to-head with Foxy Roxy’s and Boo’s fans at the very, very end of the contest, but Boo’s fans went above and beyond at the last second. Not surprising as this so-called “disabled” boy, Boo, goes above and beyond everyday.

Thank you to Foxy Roxy’s mom for all of your hard work in fundraising. We’ve been in touch. 🙂

They were followed by Chuckie, whose mom has adopted four of our GA JRT rescues, including him, Pumpkin, Susie and Penelope. He entered yesterday and, like his sister Pumpkin, soared in votes in no time. Like Boo, all of Chuckie’s sisters have had special needs, from botched tails, to heartworm/anxiety, to broken pelvises.

Hunter, another former GA JRT rescue, took fourth. No surprise there. His parents have doted on him since the moment they met him … and found out he needed more heartworm treatment after getting him re-tested right before they took him home. They didn’t care; it was love at first sight and they have given him the greatest home since.

Brigit took fifth. She ran away a few years ago … and lead her mom to this rescue and to all of this website, social media and fundraising madness. Mom always throws money into the fundraising pot. It’s her job to prompt others to place. Sometimes, she gets crazy competitive, too, at the last minute. Just saying.

So now … We all need to pick a sixth-place winner