Chloe’s Check-up

Little Chloe did not want to leave the comfort of Cara's arms and sit on the vet table.

Little Chloe did not want to leave the comfort of Cara’s arms and sit on the vet table.

We would be lying if we said we weren’t a little nervous about Chloe’s vet appointment this morning. After all, this poor girl arrived at our rescue on Sunday, famished and dehydrated, weighing only 5 lbs. with a mouth full of rotting teeth. We still have more tests to run when she gets a little healthier, but overall? Things look good!

She was still too weak to run blood and heartworm tests, but doc said her heart and lungs sounded great. Her fecal exam did not show any worms, but she did have a lot of bacteria in her stomach. That is now being addressed with medication.

After just a few days of baby food and fluids, she has already gained 2 lbs.! That, in itself, is something to celebrate. She is now on a weight-gaining mission and will be enjoying some high-caloric soft food and supplemental vitamins and minerals, along with some homemade chicken and rice puree (compliments of her shelter-savior angel, Cara).

The vet estimates our little girl is around 10 years old and, of course, does not appear to have been spayed. That will also be addressed when she is strong enough.

Chloe's teeth are so abcessed, her mouth is swollen.

Chloe’s teeth are so abcessed, her mouth is swollen.

And then there is the heartbreaking matter of her teeth. She is going to require major dental work after she gets healthier. Sadly, there is so much tartar (poor girl has probably never had a bone or hard treat in her life) that it has caked over her gums. Her gums are abscessed, and her poor smile shows it.

She will be going back to the vet in a couple of weeks for a follow-up and more tests and we, of course, will keep you posted on her progress between now and then. Thank you for everyone for your concern, comments and prayers. Some of you have even been kind enough to offer to foster her, which we will definitely entertain when she is strong enough to leave us. She will also be available for adoption once she is 100%.

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