special needs, jack russell terrier, foster needed

Chloe Needs a Foster

special needs, jack russell terrier, foster needed

Does want to take me home?

It was just three weeks ago that Chloe had her major dental surgery and was released from the hospital. She went to live with one of our volunteers and adopted/foster moms to recover and gain strength. She has now gained so much strength that the little Terrier in her has come out. 😉 Our sick, sweet girl has now become a little, old, feisty lady who needs her space.

We are in immediate need of another foster for her. She did not get along with her canine foster sister and is back with us now. The kennel life is no life for this girl who has fought so hard to survive.

We will be very straightforward about this situation: Chloe is a senior dog who is still healing. She has grown stronger, but hasn’t gained much weight. She does not have any teeth and requires a special diet. That doesn’t, however, keep her from eating very well. She would also do best in a home without any other dogs or cats or at least in a home where she can be separated from the others but still given attention. It is obvious she came from a one-dog home, and she does not hesitate to let other dogs know she is not happy about their presence.

That said, she is good with people and is house and crate trained.

If you are up to the challenge and would like to help us help this little girl enjoy her golden years until some big-hearted person steps up to make her their forever mom, we would appreciate it beyond words. Call us at 770-918-8582 and leave a message. Thank you!