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3rd Annual Friends & Family JRT Reunion

Our 3rd Annual Friends & Family Jack Russell Reunion at the ranch on Saturday was wonderful! It was great to see so many of our “adopted” and foster parents, volunteers, sponsors and supporters come together for an evening of food, fellowship and, of course, adorable dogs wearing adorable costumes!

Lola Goes Home

So small, so sweet, so cute and petite … It took months to announce Lola’s adoption, but what a great way to do so! A lesson in patience for all prospective rescue parents.
Hanging in the hammock with Mom

Emily Goes Home

We had so much going on last weekend, we didn’t want this awesome news to get buried in the other stuff. We casually mentioned it on a photo of her at vol day, but here’s the official scoop — Emily, now known as Twiggy, has gone home!
Penelope at the dog park with the gang

Penelope Goes Home

Guess who has “left the building” … and won’t be coming back … Miss Penelope! She joins a fabulous family of former GA JRT rescues, including Pumpkin, Susie and Chuckie.
Pepper adopted

Pepper Goes Home

Happy Saturday, ev’rybody! Hot on the heels of John John’s happy tail, we have another one to share. Pepper has gone home! We knew it wouldn’t take long for this precious, sweet and loving little girl to find a home. We were actually surprised it took five months, but she’s found her new family and they are wonderful.