It’s been five months since our beautiful vol Pat saved Buster after being hit by a car in a busy intersection. It took that long to heal from his wounds and we wondered if this little Chi/Terrier boy would ever find his forever home because of his disability. But, on Thursday, the pin was removed from his leg … and he is Florida bound with his new and amazing mom, Mindy Underberger.

Our beloved Morgan Rowe — who volunteers for us as everything from a fundraiser rock star to pooper scooper and vol day cooker and is mom to former GA JRT Oscar — brought Mindy out to the ranch a couple of months ago to meet the dogs. Mindy met Buster and that was that. She’s been anxiously waiting for him to heal and be ready to go home. She even helped learn how to give him water therapy to help with his weak leg last month.

And today? Here we go, Mom, here we go!

We can’t wait to see what kind of life he has with Mindy. We know it will be nothing short of amazing.