Let’s kick of the weekend on a high note—Buddy has gone home!

The McNamaras had been following our page for some time and came out to meet everyone at our Whole Foods promotion in December. They recently lost one of their babies and have always been a two-dog family, so they brought their beautiful JRT, Lily, out last weekend to do some speed dating. Lily is “all Jack” and it was her choice who got to go home with her. She met several of the dogs, but she chose Buddy, who had recently been groomed and is now as handsome as he is sweet.

Buddy has been living in “the Lily Show” for a week now and it’s official: He’s been hired to be her sidekick. 😉 We knew this wonderful boy wouldn’t be with us long and we are thrilled he has found a home where his easygoing, loving nature is welcome and loved.