JRT rescue with broken leg

Welcome to lots of cuddles and hugs, little man!

Oops, we did it again – we brought home a little boy from the kill shelter who was down on his luck. He was in Cherokee County with a broken leg. A vet had splinted it and put him on 4 weeks of rest and pain meds. Suffice to say, the shelter was no place for him to heal, so he was urgent and available to rescue only. Mama Donna heard his story, took one look at him and was on the way to the shelter this morning to bring him home.

He is an absolute doll – barely a year old and very much a puppy. He weighs only 10 lbs. and is a little underweight, but we can take care of that. He’ll see our vet in a week or so to see how his leg is healing and what kind of timeframe he needs before we can let him go home with someone.

We just wanted to introduce him and, of course, invite anyone who wants to, to donate towards his vet bills. You can use our general donations page. Just put in the Special Notice in Paypal that it’s for the “New boy with broken leg.” We’re working on a good name.