Bert and Ernie running

Bert and Ernie Fundraiser

Bert and Ernie were surrendered at the shelter five days before Christmas. We’d only planned on rescuing Ernie, but were later informed that he came in with his (much bigger) brother, Bert.

We couldn’t bear to leave his brother behind, so we rescued both. It wasn’t until they arrived at the rescue that we realized how neglected they’d been. Both have been eaten by fleas, underfed, worms and mouths full of broken and rotting teeth.

Ernie has been to the vet, but Bert (a.k.a. Big Boy Bert) still needs to get his shots and heartworm test. Bert refused to get in the car for his vet appointment, and Donna couldn’t pick him up on her own. He is a little more confident and happy now, so we will attempt to take him again on Saturday.

Both of our boys are on antibiotics, have been wormed and are recieving dietry supplements to improve their overall health.

And, as you might expect, Ernie is heartworm positive. We expect Bert to be as well.

If you would like to help with the medical needs of these gorgeous souls, we have set up an online fundraiser and would really appreciate the support. We have a copy of Ernie’s bill and should be able to provide one for Bert … as soon as he lets us take him for a ride 😉

For now, the boys are starting to thrive for the first time in their lives.